Monday, 17 February 2014

My top 10 business cards!

Number 10.
For my number 10 card, I have chose this vintage shops sign inspired card. I love how the card is cut out to the shape of the hand, this makes the card more eye catching as it stands out from the usual rectangle buisness cards.

Number 9.
My number 9 is by a hair and make up artist. The card not only is handy to have in your purse, for a spare clip but also to have a little fun creating funky hair styles...oh and also handy for contact details of a hair and make up artist. 
Number 8.
My eighth is a dentist card, I love this card as it's just so fun and unique, which helps if you have already have a darkened perspective of the dentist. 
Number 7. 

I chose these cards purely for the aesthetics, each pattern complements the other so they work well as a set. The logo is simple and bold which dominates over the background.

Number 6.

This next card becomes interactive with the viewer, which makes it more memorable and it can also be personalised, each to there own as you might say.

Number 5. 

These wooden buisness cards, give off a really contemporay but relaxed feeling. The laser cut logo creates depth by showing off the under card underneath. 

Number 4.
I absolutely adore this creative buisness card, the fact that you can build a 3d rabbit from a flat sheet is an amazing way to get viewers thinking about how creative your company is! Also the lime green and grey contrast well against the brown card.

Number 3.
Again in my top 10 is another interactive card, this thin metal sheet gives a real mechanical look, which suits it's occupation being a security company. The tools on the card are little lock picking implements.

Number 2.
My number 2 place goes to a photography firm! This card is instantly  recognised as a focus on a camera. This card allows you to play and frame anything you want so it looks like a photo. I would like to incorporate this technique of using a clear plastic to encapsulate anything the viewer desires. 

Number 1. 
And finally my number 1 place goes to the furniture company for creating this amazing buiness card! Not only does it incorporate the flat pack generation but the do it yourself generation. The simple design echos today's trends of less is more.
Well done!

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