Sunday, 2 February 2014

Me and my practice

My name is Libby Ward but I prefer to trade under Grated Finger Designs.
I’m currently in my final year at Staffordshire university on the 3D Design: Crafts course, specialising in contemporary body adornment, which means I hand make forms of jewellery in precious metals and also experiment with resin and other medias.
My designs range from cutting edge contemporary to essential simplistic jewellery.
In my last semester I create a body of specimens that evolved around the symptoms of the Black Death.
My development was based around the spreading of the disease, which lead me to looking at natural forms, such as moss and also experimented with food as a material. 
To further my development for this final body of work, I have decided to introduce a contrasting geometric fragment, through the use of naturally formed minerals. I shall combine this with surface embellishments onto metal.
As a designer/maker my work is heavily influenced by organic and natural forms, most of which have a darker underlying meaning, which is either referenced to myself or historical events. 


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