Sunday, 16 March 2014

Hopes, fears and opportunities

My short term hopes for professional aspirations would be getting a good level degree in 3d design: crafts, I believe getting the highest achievable mark will defiantly help me when looking for jobs, as it will give me that one step in front, I would also would like to set up my own studio place at home. For my short term hopes for personal goals, I think I need to improve on my metal skills, Although I class myself as a jeweller, I focus more on the experimental side of materials, then use metal to attach them to the body. This would defiantly show off my technical ability to anyone looking to find an artist with a board range of skills.

My medium term goals for professional aspirations would be that I would like to have done all the jewellery shows and fairs in the uk and also may look at exhibitions abroad, also with this my name in the market should have spread, this would mean more interest in commission based work for galleries. As for my personal goals, I hope by now that I have gained confidence in myself, my ideas and overall in my work.  

My long term professional aspirations would have to be based around financial hopes, although my aim for my career was never about money, I hope that I could make a good living from what I love doing, I would just like to be financially comfortable enough to not have to worry about money and have to scrimp by. As for my personal goals, I would like to think that after gaining experience in the field of crafts, I could then share this with others and be surrounded by people who appreciate the things I do. 


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