Friday, 14 February 2014

Recently I visited... Ambiente

Ambiente, frankfurt Germany 

Above is a collection of rings designed by Michiel Cornelissen, the collection is named one in a million bird, which relates to the fact that there are over one million variations of the ring. The rings are 3d printed in polyamide, which is a material I have printed in before myself, although I have only ever thought of using this material for samples or using it to cast into silver, which can be expensive, so by using the polyamide as the final material, this makes the process a lot more affordable and accessible. It also adds value to the material but without being to expensive. 
The exhibition centre was massive and probably would require a number of days to complete, so the best thing to do is research which stands appeal to you best then head in that direction and collect information from the stands around that, one of the artists that I did previously look at was proof of guild, who are a collection of artists ranging from jewellers to ceramists who are based in japan, they produce a range called EZA animals, which are lost wax cast animal head brooches. There work is very clean and simple but has a big impact. This is something that I want to relate to my work as I do often create a huge range of samples but then struggle to add them together without looking to overwhelming. 
If you ever get the chance to visit, it's a great way to see what sells and what Trends are arising

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