Monday, 17 March 2014

First version of my artist statement

I work with precious metals and different types of liquid rubbers and resin
Although all these materials are rather industrial, they can be easily manipulated into looking organic and natural. 
The processes I use on metal like patination and etching give a completely different outcome each time, as the technique is unrestrained and out of hand.
My other favoured material of rubbers and resins, feed my need to explore and incorporate other existing materials.  
As a designer/maker I am lead by experimentation, I create hundreds of small sample pieces that all equate to collections of specimens, almost like a collection of historic artefacts you would find at museums. 
Often the concept behind most of my work, looks a natural spreading and disease. 
A need to make natural forms desirable instead of precision cut designs. 
As a designer/maker I see beauty and potential in the visual form of disease and illness. This is where my urge to display these pieces as wearable objects unfolds, I see them as medals of honour but also to raise awareness of unseen disease.  

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