Tuesday, 21 October 2014

So this was Great Northern Contemporary Craft fair 2014

So where do i start!
After visiting the fair myself as a maker for the last three years, i have come to expect the quality of the exhibitors to be high and it did not fail! 
It was great to be amongst such incredible and innovate makers. 
I certainly think this year for contemporary craft has set the bar. 
So to be excepted to exhibit at this major event came as a shock!
At first i panicked, as any other young maker would! then i got to work organising myself. Although i had my body of work from university, i carried on exploring new pieces that still fitted in with my style. This included my new electroformed ring, stick pins and new smaller brooches...
When it comes to displaying my work, i alway imagine each piece to be a specimen in a draw at the natural history museum. As this creates a environment that evokes preciousness and preservation. By having my background clean and white this contrasts the raw textures of my pieces. 

On press night i was awarded the "best new maker" of 2014!
I was speechless and emotional!
I can't thank Ann-Marie and Angela the co-ordinators of the event enough. 
I think because my work is so personal to me and my journey, i felt an overwhelming sense of appreciation for all of my struggles and passion that i put into my making concepts and processes. 

The show was a great success for me and i couldn't believe how accepting and interested everyone was in my story and work. 
I also met some fantastic makers who i hope to exhibit with again.

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