Sunday, 21 September 2014

The beginning!

Well i must admit it.. leaving uni and fending for myself has been stressful, but i wouldn't have it any other way! Just lately I've been trying to carry on making my contemporary work but I've found it quite difficult, i don't no wether it has been the change in surrounds of my making place or my mental state of mind.... or possibly the lack of space in my work shop!

Soon my space problems will be no more! In the next few weeks i shall me moving into the Rosyln works behind gladstone pottery. All thanks to the wonderful people of stoke-on-trent council who have managed to get us three months free rent then 50% rent after that, which is amazing! 

Ok so what have i been making? well, my thoughts have turned to smaller pieces of jewellery that still link to my contemporary practice. 

Above are a few brooches from the redox collection, these brooches derive from my experimentation of patination which i looked at in the yersin collection. They make the viewer think about how they define preciousness of materials. 

Further work was lead by my interest in textured surfaces, i have always loved the results of electroforming and in my final year of uni i researched this topic a lot, so now that i had the time and a bit of spare cash, i brought one. I'm still in the experimentation stage but i have managed to produce a great body of rings already.

My fascination in patination still thrives and i intent to carry on exploring this until the day i die! I have also developed a surprise range of necklaces for the great northern contemporary craft fair 2014.

I have also developed a range of midi rings which explore witchcraft symbols and general pretty shapes, I'm hoping these going to be a hit for christmas. These rings will be available to buy from my esty page in the next few days... don't worry ill add the link!

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