Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Wrapping it up for 2014!

So its been awhile since i last blogged, so get ready for a back log of information... firstly i can't wait to share the news of my new studio at middleport pottery, its official! I'm now all set up.

Hopefully once my fellow studio members have moved in, we will be having a bit of a move in event in 2015 with some bubbly and a ribbon.

 Secondly, i went to visit my work in The New School House Gallery in York, which was something that came from exhibiting at the GNCCF. 
The gallery itself is set in a stunning Narnia like garden. 
Thanks to The makers dozen for putting my name forward. 
Even though these last few weeks have been packed full of fairs, I've still found the time to experiment with a new collection of rings-Made from 925 silver, copper, patination, brass and vintage mink. 
These rings have been developing since my second year at Staffordshire university, in fact they started off as stick pin bases, but after weeks of experimenting with combining materials, it was clear that the mink needed to be on the hand, as this would be where the piece would get its most interaction. 

Ive also started to stock some of my work in a beautiful shop in leek called TOAST, which stands for totally original artisans Staffordshire. Its wonderful to be along side all local makers who share a passion of crafts in Staffs.

My quest for textures is still on going! In the new year i plan to etch some of the above textures onto metal surfaces, so keep an eye out for your favourite texture and follow its journey on my blog, but for now i want to thank you for visiting my blog and i hope you have a wonderful christmas and a cracking new year! 
oh, Django says happy christmas too!

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