Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The Scarr-Hall Memorial Trust Award

Staffordshire university show and tell degree show.

So i officially opened my work up for public viewing on the 13th of june at staffordshire university show and tell degree show.
But before the show was to be opened by Emma Bridgewater, a few awards were given out, luckily enough i was one of the students to win an award. 
The scarr-hall memorial trust supports students that have not only had the stress of university but who have also had pressures and distractions of illness.

 When i was 17 i was diagnosed with multiple scleroses, for the first few years i really struggled to come to terms with my illness and couldn't really except the fact that i now had an illness that would effect my day to day life. 
When i turned 20 i applied for the 3D Desgin: Crafts course at staffordshire university, we were not sure how i would cope on the course as it was long hours and a lot of work, but in away this help my progression as i didn't have time to think about my illness. 

There were only 13 of us on the course so we all got on like a little family and it was that relationship between us all that made me get myself out of bed in the morning and try my best to get on with my work. 
I also had the support of my mum and boyfriend, to who i owe everything to.
They were the ones who were with me through the dark and rough times, which i didn't like people seeing. 
The Scarr-Hall Memorial trust presented me with a cheque for £1000, 
which will help me get equipment and materials to get started.

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